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Doral Stones Is The Leading Supplier Of Stones And Countertops In Miami And Doral, FL

Doral Stones is the leading suppler of kitchen countertops in Miami and Doral. We offer an amazing selection of granite countertops and Dolomite countertops that are ideal for any style of kitchen. Our inventory of natural stones and marble stones is the best in Miami, allowing homeowners and contractors to find the ideal countertop for new home construction or home remodeling.

Top Quality Stones Offered by Doral Stones in Miami and Doral, FL

Below are the top quality stones offered by Doral Stones in Miami and Doral, FL:

  • Natural stonesnatural stones in Miami and Doral are always a popular option in homes from traditional styles to contemporary. Natural stone is durable, beautiful, and offers endless natural variations in pattern and color.

  • Granite stones – one of the most popular options for countertops are granite stones in Miami and Doral. Prized for color and pattern, granite is always a top choice.

  • Marble stones – for a truly classic look, homes feature marble stone in Miami and Doral. Marble is extremely long-lasting and requires only minimal care to look beautiful for a lifetime.

  • Dolomite stones – one of the newer options for people to consider is Dolomite stones in Miami and Doral. Subtle to dramatic patterns make this an affordable option compared to marble or granite.

  • Agate stones – agate stones in Miami and Doral make exceptional, dramatic, and stunning countertops options.

For more information on the many options in natural stone countertops offered by Doral Stones, contact us today at 305-793-4077.


What is the life of a granite countertop?

With very minimal care, granite countertops will last a lifetime in any room of the home.

Is dolomite as durable as granite?

Yes, dolomite is very durable and can outlast marble countertops with less maintenance and care.

Which is the best natural stone?

 The choice of a natural stone countertop is very personal. Different stones offer a variety of colors, patterns, and care requirements, all of which need to be considered when choosing the best for any home.

How much is marble stone worth?

Marble stone comes in three different grades, including commercial, standard, and first choice. The quality, color, pattern, and other factors determine the cost of the particular slab.

What is agate stone good for?

Agate stone can be used for countertops and tabletops. It has dramatic patterns and is extremely heat resistant, making it a good choice for the kitchen.

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